Frequently Asked Questions

Billing & Payment

Q1. How do I pay for my order?

  • By Cash
  • By Cheque payable to “Universal Print”
  • By Invoice (For companies only)
  • By Internet Fund Transfer:
    1. Name of bank: OCBC Bank
    2. Branch: Holland Branch
    3. Current Account No.: 626-047393-001

Q2. Will i get an official receipt for my reload?

A. Yes, You will only be issued a receipt for every payment you make.

Q3. Will i get an invoice for my order? and how will i get it?

A. Yes, you will be issued with an e-invoice or invoice, for orders that are sent on a same day or it will be sent to you along with your goods.

Q4. Will there be any interest charge for late payment?

A. For any late or overdue invoice payment, we charge 2% on the amount overdue per month. Therefore we advise our customers to pay through electronically to avoid interest charge.