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Professional Vehicle Wrap Services in Singapore

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Did you know that one vehicle wrap sticker can make an impression on as many as 70,000 onlookers every day? Compared to other forms of media advertising, vehicle graphics is a cost-effective solution that will maximise your brand. A customised commercial vehicle sticker can be used to facilitate new opportunities for your company and endorse your enterprise.

Premium Vehicle Stickers

Our specialist team customise unique vinyl stickers design for your vehicle. They provide free demonstrations of how mobile advertising works as part of your broader marketing campaign. Vehicle sticker advertising is best used in conjunction with other advertising tactics to generate maximum returns on your investment and boost sales.

Here at Universal Print, we have a comprehensive range of vinyl stickers, pillar wrapping, and die-cut stickers that can be personalised to meet your needs. Our products include:

Our Products & Services

  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Die-Cut Sticker
  • Logo Design and Installation Services
  • Pilliar Wrapping
  • Vinyl Stickers Printing

Universal Print has unmatched expertise in high-quality vehicle stickers that will give you a head start on the competition. With us, you can rest assure that we will provide you with premium mobile advertisements for your vehicle. Our unique designs will attract attention wherever you go and will draw potential customers towards your business. Manufactured from industrial to premium grade vinyl stickers, they are completely weather resistant and will not tear, fade or discolour with time.

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